Sod Installation

For repair or new installation, we offer all sorts of varieties of Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia. Below you will see our default process for the installation of sod.

  1. First we prep the intended area by clearing any old roots and hauling off any debris
  2. Secondly, we till all of the soil to give the sod a better soil foundation to work with
  3. Thirdly we began to level the ground
  4. After leveling the ground we begin to install the Sod
  5. And lastly we roll it to compact the soil and and grass

We as well offer certain options such as applying fertilizer during the process or nutrient-dense topsoil, we as well help you get a watering schedule for your newly installed sod and frequently keep in touch for the first month to make sure it not only sustains but thrives.

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